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Rand and Alanna battle the Demon invading their dreams who threatens to destroy their world

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Magic of the Dance Contest Finals!

2009 FTH Wallflower Best Opening ... Third Place

2010 SFRWA Heart to Heart ... Third Place

2010 MORWA Gateway to the Best ... Third Place

2010 FRW Golden Palm ... Fourth Place

2010 OKRWA Finally a Bride ... Second Place

2010 FTH Wallflower Best Scene ... Third Place

2011 Linda Howard Finalist

2011 OVRWA Enchanted Words Finalist

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Emily Contest Young Adult Winner!

Ruby has to leave her boyfriend behind and go on the run to protect her brother Jib from the Baron, who wants to exploit the boy's magic. What will the Baron do when he learns Jib is just an ordinary kid?

First Place Young Adult

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Fly away with me

My Fantasy Romances whisk you to exotic locations


Escape the danger of the warlock dens

Don't cross the Dragon


Discover the Black Dragon in the mountains of Guilin


Does the two headed Caiman
lurk below Tulum?


Puzzle the Sphinx's riddle

The Romance Reviews

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